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Ash 8 Panel Door

This Pre-Hund Door Site is brought to you through Hartford Building Products, LLC which is located in Burghill, Ohio where we have been located sense 1984, it is a small, mostly farming community, situated in the northeast part of the state. Our 28,000 square foot facility is twelve miles north of interstate 80, twenty miles north of Youngstown, Ohio, which is considered to be the midway point between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and centrally located to some of the best hardwood forests in the country.

Prehungdoors.info is your information source for prehung doors on the internet. When purchasing a prehung door one should understand not only what the term prehung means, but also what a prehung door unit package should consist of. An assembled prehung door unit is a door unit package that is factory built with frame (jamb), applied door stop, hinges, beveling, bore, and backset, all completed, assembled, and ready to be installed as a single unit.

The Anatomy Of A Prehung Door- unit consists of several components, some are actual physical parts and others are actions performed on those parts. Following is a list of prehang terms and their definitions:

Door Jamb- The frame around the door. Two vertical pieces held together by a head jamb forming the inside lining of a door opening. What your door is hinged to. The jamb size needed relates directly to the thickness of the wall.

Door Stop- A door stop is the small piece of wood, usually 1 3/8″ – 1 1/2″ wide, that is attached to the door jambs on both sides and on top of the door. This strip of wood is where the door comes to rest when it is closed. It stops the door from moving any further, and also covers the gap that would otherwise appear between the door and the jambs.

Hardware used for hanging doors, the plates and pins used to attach the door panel to the frame (jamb), allows the door to swing inward or out.

Bevel- Two surfaces meeting at an angle different from 90 degrees. Having the slant of a bevel; “a bevel edge”. Normal bevels on doors range from three to five degrees. The bevel allows the door to close easier and yet still be closer to the jamb, allowing for a tighter fit.

Bore- Bore is the diameter of the hole drilled in a door for a knob, lever or deadbolt. Standard bore is normally 2 1/8″ for most deadbolts & door knobs or levers.

Backset- The term backset is used to explain the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole drilled for your knob, lever or deadbolt. Standard backset for interior doors is 2 3/8” or 2 ¾”, although 2 3/8” is more common and used on our doors.

There is a protocol to the questions that will need answered prior to purchasing or ordering a prehung door unit. We have listed a few below.

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